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Camellia Creative Catering, established in 2009 in Brooklyn, New York by inventor-curator-chef, Đoan Hoàng Curtis, is now serving Los Angeles and Southern California. We are a bespoke menu gourmet catering company making authentic, luscious, local, fair trade and organic homemade food with an original, international and homegrown flair. 

Specializing in weddings, private & corporate parties and dinners, we offer highly personalized full-service catering, event planning, staffing and design - we go above and beyond, inventing dishes just for you like your own personal chef. We focus on your needs and desires to create your beautiful event, priced to your budget.  Đoan meets directly with each client to create the right mouthwatering menu, working with our certified farmers, fisheries and purveyors, while practicing sustainable environmental stewardship and conscientious practices. We also make great dishes for dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, Paleo, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, nut-free, and grain-free. Our service staff is warm, friendly and highly professional, all handpicked by Đoan.

Camellia, named for Đoan's family nickname, combines food fresh from local farms and local purveyors with the flavors from around the world.

Organic floral za'atar salads with hand mixed organic greens and muhammara pomegranate dressing

Organic floral za'atar salads with hand mixed organic greens and muhammara pomegranate dressing

taste & BEAUTY & CARE

"A feast of flavors and feast for the eyes" says our client, Trinity Wall Street.  

At Camellia, we invent new dishes and drinks for our clients, such as steak with pho au jus and saffron rouille lobster rolls for the wedding of Chanel's Joe Brunelle to Apple's Cody Potter, who love fusion, New England and New American food.  

For a black tie Saks Fifth Avenue dinner for Catherine Lange, we made sustainable black cod chanterelle in a ginger scallion ponzu sauce with a local daikon coastal seaweed, cucumber and mustard cress sesame salad and regional organic sparkling wine.

For Trinity Wall Street, we do an annual event  celebrating the volunteer projects featuring the food themes of the project areas: New Orleans, Burundi, Haiti, New York City, Panama and Navajo Nation. Every year, a completely different menu. 

We create bespoke menus for each client with care, love and excitement.

Contact us and tell us what you desire for your next event! 





Chef - Owner Đoan Hoàng Curtis, formerly of Saveur, Food & Wine and House & Garden magazines, has traveled to 40 countries and lived around the US (New York, Kentucky, Massachusetts, California), as well as in Europe (London), and Asia (Vietnam).  

Doan began cooking at age 5.  Her first dish:  Vietnamese fried rice.  Her first food inventions: a baked adaptation of a Kentucky Hot Brown with a tea-based mint julep mocktail at age 8.

Doan is also a visual artist and an award-winning documentary filmmaker. Her film Oh, Saigon, which premiered on PBS in 2007, brought her to traveling and spending months at a time in foreign countries, where she learned even more traditional cooking techniques and dishes and shared many a meals with myriad walks of life.

Doan's family includes chefs, restauranteurs, plantation owners and winemakers. Doan grows herbs and fruit from all over the world, pickles different kinds of new kim chi in her cave-like basement, and researches and creates recipes for each client.  She loves a great party, in her element infusing her warmth to those around her and making things tasty, artistic, loving, and utterly unique.

For me, the taste of food brings back memories of people or places. With our events, I love to get to know you, what you need, and find out about what experiences shaped your favorite foods, from top spots and travel experiences, to family recipes and childhood memories. From meeting you, we create and shape a menu that is completely unique to you. In that process, you become like the executive chef, sharing a bit of yourself with your guests.
— Doan Hoàng Curtis, chef-owner


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la farm girl

chef-party farmer- co-owner

Chef and party planner Karla runs her own backyard farm in Frogtown with her many varieties of chickens, ducks and animals. A former chef at LA favorite, Porto's Bakery, Karla picks up all kinds of techniques (like her Korean potato salad soaking methods and Middle Eastern barbecuing), cooking organically, no recipes despite her cooking school training. Karla and Doan began working together when they collaborated on Karla's wedding at their favorite avocado farm. Karla specializes in her gorgeous grazing tables.

Meredith Murdock


event planning & design

Meredith Murdock can do an entire party by herself, from planning events, her gorgeous makeup work (she worked for Laura Mercier for nearly a decade), decorating, cooking, baking, curating, and executing with her contagious smile. Her calm demeanor and service orientation make her invaluable to our team.



We offer full serving planning and catering for our clients, from wedding and event planning, curating art shows and live artists, bringing in and organizing the amazing designers and vendors with whom we work.

Doan and Karla bring their expert palates, film and event producer experience for event planning, history, and creative cooking skills for clients, which have included Chanel,  Saks Fifth Avenue, Coach, Gagosian Gallery, ABC, University of California (UCLA),  University of Southern California (USC), Shutterstock, Trinity Wall Street of Manhattan, Academy,  Golden Globe, Emmy award winners, and many happy high-end private clients. A a list available upon request. 

Our Ethos

Camellia Creative Catering follows ecological and ethical principles, seeking the freshest, locally-grown, and organically-produced food possible, and engaging in practices conscientious of the ethical treatment of workers, animals and the environment. We have relationships with farms that  use sustainable methods of fishing and farming, and we research the latest methods, products, and vendors.

We use ecologically-sound products and practice recycling. We use mostly non-disposable glassware, china and silverware, but when we do use disposable items, we choose  products made with sugarcane stalk,  bamboo, renewable fibers, biodegradable corn plastic, and recycled materials.

We believe in paying our workers good wages because we believe in good karma. You will notice we have experienced, happy, warm and positive staff, all hand-picked by the owner of the company through direct experience.